Spotlight on the Fizfit at home range

Fizfit Memory foam pillow at home

Recently here at Fizfit we released the results of our survey which we conducted in conjunction with DCU Business School to understand the ergonomic impacts that remote work has had on the Irish working and student population. You can read more about the survey in our blog post on the ergonomic impacts with remote work.

Findings from our survey show that over half of students and workers are now experiencing some form of musculoskeletal pain since the shift to remote work and learning. This is a staggering statistic that highlights how almost half of all workers and students have developed new pain since the shift to remote work. This pain can be caused by not having the correct support when working from home, as a kitchen table chair does not provide much support for long periods of sitting. Colm Fuller, Fizfit advisory physiotherapist, has stressed that this untreated pain can cause poor work capacity, reduced daily ability to work and sleep disruption. That is why we have created the Fizfit at home range to help reduce and prevent pain when working from home and to help you achieve a better night’s sleep.

The Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow

Fizfit-Memory foam pillow

What is a memory foam orthopaedic pillow good for?

An orthopaedic pillow is designed to provide you with support of your neck and shoulders to provide a better night's sleep. The shape of the orthopaedic pillow allows your head to rest in its ergonomic cervical contour. By allowing the spine to rest in this position it will relieve the pressure and will keep your neck and shoulders perfectly supported throughout the night, which in turn will provide a better a night’s sleep and help to support those areas which you may be experiencing pain as a result of working from home.

Using an orthopaedic pillow at night is important as it will help your shoulders, neck and head to rest in a neutral position during the night. This neutral position at night can help with any pain that you may be suffering from throughout your daily life.

What are the benefits of a memory foam orthopaedic pillow? 

There are a range of benefits from using an orthopaedic pillow at night. Everything from getting a better night’s sleep and having the most comfortable sleep every night. An orthopaedic pillow can help to ensure that you wake up each day feeling well rested from the night before.

  1. Better Night’s Sleep

Since we spend almost one third of our life asleep it is essential that we make almost every night the best sleep we can. While getting enough sleep is good, the quality of your sleep is so important. Without a good night’s sleep it can make it harder for us to concentrate or respond to actions quickly.

Sleep is the number one factor to recover from exercise. There have been numbers of studies conducted that all show that a proper night’s sleep is needed for optimal cognitive, motor and physiological functions. All three of which are needed when training or exercising, so having a proper night’s sleep will allow you to recover better and improve your training.

By using an orthopaedic memory foam pillow, you are giving yourself the gift of a better night’s sleep over using a regular pillow.

  1. Better comfort when sleeping

With an orthopaedic pillow you can be sure that your sleep will be one of the most comfortable. Since an orthopaedic pillow ensures that your spine is in a neutral position at night, you won’t wake up with that stiff feeling in your neck in the morning like you do from a regular pillow. The memory foam pillow will also adjust to your body’s temperature throughout the night, the pillow will mould to the shape of your body depending on your body’s temperature.

You will have a comfortable, supported and personalised sleep to ensure that you wake up feeling revived each morning. 

Check out our Fizfit Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow to ensure you have the best night sleep. 

The Memory Foam Orthopaedic Back Cushion

Memory Foam Back Cushion


Since the majority of working people are now spending more time working from home without proper back support, this can lead to working people and students sitting in an unnatural position during the day, which can potentially lead to pain in your lower back or neck pain. Our survey found that 78% of people are not using any additional ergonomic support when working from home. The addition of a chair support can provide support to your lower back and neck when working or studying from home.

What are the benefits of a memory foam orthopaedic back cushion?

Using a memory foam orthopaedic back cushion has a wide range of benefits and is one of the best additions you can make to your home office. From helping your posture at home to being easy on your pocket we will run down the benefits of the memory foam back cushion.

  1. Provides Support

Above everything else the memory foam orthopaedic back cushion provides support to your lower back and spine throughout the day. Since your spine carries almost all of your body weight and will keep you upright throughout the day, it is important that you protect your spine.

Using a memory foam back cushion will support the natural curve of your spine and will not push it out of shape. The main benefit to the memory foam is that it will adapt to your body’s temperature and will mould to your body’s shape giving the best support for your back. 

  1. Cost effective and portable

Some of the best office chairs can cost a small fortune which may not be ideal for everyone. That’s one of the best benefits of the memory foam back cushion, it is cost effective and can be used on any chair in your house when working from home. This support can also be used when watching tv, driving, travelling on a plane or bus or sitting having your dinner.

Having a memory foam back cushion that is portable will provide you with support for any activity that requires you to be sitting for a long period of time and helping to reduce pain. When you done with the memory foam back cushion you can easily store it away.

  1. Will improve your posture.

When sitting for a long period of time it is important that your posture is correct to avoid developing any pain. Without lumbar support, over the period of a day our body’s tire and the muscles in your back tend to become weak causing your body to naturally slouch forward. By using an orthopaedic back cushion it will keep your spine in a neutral position throughout the day to provide support and will be a reminder to be cautious of your posture when sitting all day long.

Check out our Fizfit Memory Foam Orthopaedic Back Cushion to help support you all day long!