Ergonomic impacts with remote work

Ergonomic impacts with remote work


Over the last number of months here at Fizfit we have been conducting research in conjunction with the DCU business school to understand the ergonomic impacts of remote work that have been experienced by not only the Irish workforce but also the Irish student population.

Our findings have shown that there after nearly 18 months into the 'new normal' of working from home almost 57% of workers are experiencing pain that is now having an impact on their working day. These findings show that there has been a clear and notable impact on respondent’s physical health as a result of remote work or learning. 

Results from the survey also show that almost two-thrids of the workforce are now experiencing new lower back or neck pain, all of which is a result of a poor ergonomic working environment. With people spending more time sitting at their desk during the day with less trips for coffee or to the kitchen in the office, sitting in a static position all day is causing these new pains for workers.


What about the student population?

In comparison, more than one-third of students (39%) are studying from a shared living space such as their kitchen or living room. With over three quarters of students using their laptop as their primary device when studying, this is increasing the risk of poor posture among the student population along with them developing neck and back pain.

This pain can be reduced with physical activity and using tools that can help to reduce pain.

An orthopedic back cushion can help to support your back throughout the working day. With the addition of this chair support it helps mitigate the risks and the pain that is currently affecting two-thirds of the Irish workforce.  

This orthopedic back cushion is ergonomically moulded to provide support for your lower back and help to relieve any pressure and improve posture. The back cushion can be attached to any chair at home making it the perfect addition to your work from home set up!

Fizfit have a range of products to help reduce this pain such as foam rollers and trigger balls which can be used to help relieve the tension that has built up in your body during the working day.

It is also important to ensure that you incorporate physical activity into your day. Items such as the Fizfit elite yoga mat is perfect for practicing yoga or to take outside for a quick HIIT session in the evening! 


You can download a copy of the full report for free here.